125 East Halsey Road

Parsippany, NJ 07054

Tel: (973) 287 6070

Fax: (973) 287 6059

E-mail: FarmPlastic@gmail.com

Farm Plast LLC.

Established: June 2007
No. of Employees: 15

Owned Privately Business Injection Molding Dairy Crates


We use only the highest quality resins available to ensure our customer’s a long life and re-use standard! We also promise to our customers that if our product ever fails within the 1st 24 calendar months of usage we will replace our crate one for one, free of charge!

As being our customer, you will always be welcomed to come view our facility and see for yourself how your crates are being fabricated using the best quality resin, machines, molds and personnel possible.

250,000 crates!

  • We have the area to store in excess of 250,000 new milk crates for our customers.
  • We can live load your milk crates order with two hours.
  • Our lead times for production are usually within 2.5 days of order per trailer.
  • We stock 45 days of resin in house, to minimize frequent price adjustments for your milk crates.


  • Milk crates warehouse
  • Dairy crates warehouse


We have four (4) different milk crate molds 2 X 24 quart (6-1 gallon) and 2 X 16 quart (4-1 gallon) We have three Injection molding machines on site to produce milk crates. Our Capacity enables us to produce in excess of 45,000 milk crates per week! When faced with demanding milk crate order volumes. We have the capacity for expansion if need be!


  • Milk crates manufacturing